Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Yes, At the Mercy of the Mind is 50% complete!  *throws confetti*  I haven't actually reached prompt 50 on the list, but I have filled out fifty of the prompts!

I am so excited!  My dad, I think, was about ready to bounce off the walls!  I think I've completed 40 prompts in just one month!  (If not 40, then nearly that.)  I just might - just might - actually finish the list by Easter!  Let's see if I can!

I'm also thinking of fixing up a trailer for the book for YouTube - I do have a channel there, you know.  RingSaberWardrobe, though don't expect to find any Sherlock Holmes vids in the uploads, sorry.

Btw, I haven't forgotten any of the things I said I was going to blog about - I've just been too busy to do it.  (Money-making takes precedence, you know.  ;D)  One thing to add to that list is a review on a Sherlock Holmes pastiche that I bought (and devoured) last weekend - it's a great novella, and I think it's wonderfully faithful to the Canon.

See you later, peeps - the game's afoot!


  1. YAY! *Rejoices* That is so exciting!

    A book trailer would be amazing! I love those!
    I can't wait for this to come out, I can buy it and show it to all my friends, "I was there when this idea was born..." HAHA!

  2. SQUEEEE! Can't wait!! :D

    *does double take* Wait, no Sherlock Holmes vids...!? *pouts*

    Still, can't wait for that and the actual book to come out. :))