Friday, April 8, 2011

Deliver Us From Evil: a Brand New Future Series

So, I’ve been thinking, and in considering all the FINA and EMPT material that I’ve written and that I have ideas for (see “Future Sherlockian Novels”).  I have enough ideas to write an entire series spanning the time from Winter ’90-’91 to 1894.  Granted, I need a lot more ideas and a lot of research to pull it off, but… man, I can do this.

This may very well be my next project following AMM: Deliver Us From Evil.

1. Amid Winter’s Chill
            When Sherlock Holmes takes up the Victor Savage murder, Culverton Smith decides to incapacitate him permanently, disobeying the orders of his superior.  When Holmes not only survives the disease but also links Smith to a smuggling ring on the East End, the powers that be in the criminal world decide that leaving him free is too dangerous.  Sherlock Holmes is in for his most far-reaching, deadly challenge ever.

2. A Narrow Path
            Upon recovering from captivity, Holmes takes up a case presented by the French government.  While he is away, Watson notes a decided increase in crime, and Scotland Yard takes steps to cast the net around Professor Moriarty’s shadow empire.  But when Holmes returns at last, it is only to whisk the Doctor away on a retreat that will end at a Swiss waterfall.

3. An Irregular Point of View
            Starting in November ’90 and ending in May ’91, the tale of Holmes VS Moriarty as seen from the eyes of the Irregulars, young and old—including Wiggins.

4. To Take Up the Pen
            Moriarty’s empire is fractured but not yet down for the count, Holmes is believed dead but on the run, and Scotland Yard is scrambling to pick up the pieces.  Into this uncertain world, Watson brings the first two dozen short stories of Sherlock Holmes.

5. When Cometh the Dawn
            Late 1893 into Summer 1894: a grieving John Watson takes up the sword to do battle with the not-so-pitiful remnants of Moriarty’s empire in England, and Sherlock Holmes does the same on the Continents.  Even upon Holmes’s “resurrection,” the game is not yet over—a ship called Friesland will play a part in the final offensive against the most powerful criminal empire Scotland Yard has ever known.

…Excited yet?  Guess who is!  (Yes, I know this isn’t the BBC radio show post I mentioned in today’s AMM installment—maybe tomorrow.  I’m so excited about this, I’m literally bouncing.)

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