Friday, October 26, 2012

Have Cover Art, Will Publish

The cover art for my upcoming book, Sherlock Holmes: Have Yourself a Chaotic Little Christmas... is absolutely fantastic. I love it! It's so festive and fun, and really drives home the nature of the book, which is, after all, an advent calendar!

Plus, I just found this: Permit me a squee, please?

Oh, and one last thing! The release date is set for December 5th! Fingers crossed, everyone!


  1. As a long time fan of Sky, I would recommend this collection without any reservation whatsoever. The subject matter varies considerably, keeping each story fresh, interesting, and completely loveable. Her characterization is both timeless and original; her style is a wonderful blend of Conan Doyle's tones and her own beautiful choices. Any fan of Sherlock Holmes should read and cherish this wonderful collection. I loved it, and I know that you will too! Congrats to Sky for getting it published!